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Mr Custard has three packages available
BUDGET @ £115 Ideal when bouncy castles and/or face painters are also in attendance.
The 1 hour show is £115 and involves very silly magic where the children join in with the tricks. There is music playing while I am setting up. I use my system for Musical bumps, statues, wind the bobbin up etc. I start with singing the birthday song with the children but get it wrong so the children can correct me.  The magic show lasts about 25 minutes and is full of more silly nonsense, thankfully the children are cleverer than Mr Custard and always get the magic right. When the magic is finished the children are given the chance to burn some energy with dancing competitions and more games. The end of my performance features the unique pass the parcel machine where every child gets a small toy.  I have just introduced my no sugar policy to support Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Rush campaign. As a result the children get rewarded with achievement stickers and personalised certificates instead of sweets. This year I have also upgraded my show and bring a little disco light to go with the music to add to the party atmosphere.
The super savers show (recommend) is 90 minutes @ £140 it involves everything that the 1 hour show offers but has more games such as Limbo, The Pea Brain Game and other traditional party games. I recommend this show as the children are entertained for all the time I am with them and they can be fed at the end of my show. The last thing parents need is for food to be wasted because of distractions from the entertainer.
The Full Monty @ £165
Is the same as the 90 minute show apart from the break for food half way through the performance. Some customers are happy to pay the extra cost and have their entertainer ready for action.
All my shows are issue with email paperwork. Deposits are by paypal giving the customer and ourselves maximum financial security.  I have Public Liability, Police Checks and a Guaranteed Service Policy.
for more help or phone 01536 771881
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