Party Bags Ready To Go From
Mr Custard
01536 771881- 07801 596448
Party Bags - Sale or Return

Contents may vary according to availability
however the standard remains the same.
Ready made party bags from Mr Custard only £2.50p each
Children simply love these party bags from Mr & Mrs Custard
These party bags are suitable for both boys and girls and contain a mix of 6 items e.g.
Duck Whistles
Finger Spies
Rocket Balloons
Temporary Tattoos
Wiggle Eye Rings
Finger Monsters
Funky Face Self Ink Stampers
Princess Puzzles
Just add birthday cake (not supplied) for that
special party extra
Phone 01536 771881 to order your party bags

Here is the best bit You only pay for what you use
For clown show and disco customers:
If you order 25 bags and only 20 children turn
up you only pay for 20 and we take 5 back home.

If you think you may need party bags please ensure you give
at least 48 hours notice by phoning

01536 771881
thank you

For ebay and postal customers
Return any spare/unused filled party bags to us in good condition  and we will refund you the value of the returned bags
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