Balloon Modelling is ideal for shop promotions, fetes and to accompany bouncy castle parties


Mr Custard's Mix and Mingle with
Balloon Modelling and
silly antics.
Mr Custard now supplies mix and mingle balloon modelling.
This is ideal for

  • Fetes
  • Open Days
  • Shop Promotions
  • To accompany bouncy castle parties
  • Summer Fun Days
  • To add to your magic shows.

Dogs, Giraffes, Elephants, Swords, Hats,
Flowers, Guns, Hearts, Monkeys,
Teddy Bears, Sword Belts,
Reindeers etc

Mr Custard also entertains children with his
silly magic tricks and clown props.

You can choose between the clown outfit or Bobby Custard (NO clown nose)

Although we strongly recommend the clown outfit as there is no make up and Mr Custard is very, very friendly.

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