Sniffy The Bunny

This is Sniffy the Bunny, when Mr and Mrs Custard moved to their house together in 2000 Sniffy the Bunny already lived there. His mum and dad emigrated to Spain and were going to give Sniffy to someone who would love him. Mr and Mrs Custard immediatley fell in Love with Sniffy and told his old mum and dad that they would care for him and he loves them to bits. Mr and Mrs Custard love birds and animals very much and think it is wrong to involve animals in Magic Shows. They love to go into village halls and homes with very excited children but think it is wrong to make animals do the same. Rabbits need the right food,a clean cage and need to be able to run,hop & skip in either a caged run or a garden. The heat & the noise of lots of boys & girls having fun at a party would be very frightening to a little rabbit.
Although Sniffy loves Mr and Mrs Custard, he does not really like being picked up and loved, let alone being stuffed in a magic box until it is time to pop up to an audience without being asked.

Mr Custard does not think it is right to use animals for entertainment .

Please do not ask Mr Custard to bring Sniffy or any other animal to your party

But do ask Mr Custard to come to your party

To book Mr Custard telephone

01536 771881 or 07801 596448

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